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Class IV Laser


1. Stimulate healing - by energising mitochondrial respiratory chain, encouraging protein synthesis, and modulating the local microvasculature.

2. Reduce inflammation (pain and swelling) - by reducing COX-2 expression, blocking peripheral neuronal impulses and reducing muscle spasm.

(ASALASER - MLS Class IV Laser Technology)

£20 - Wound Management (15 mins)

£20 - Single Joint Treatment (15 mins)

£35 - Spine or Multiple Joint Treatment (30-40 mins)

Class IV Laser: Pro Gallery

How Can Laser Therapy Help?


From Early to Advanced Joint Degeneration

Skin Conditions

Including Otitis, Hot Spots, Dermatitis, Anal Gland Disease and many more..

Oral Diseases

Including Gingivitis,
Post-Extraction Pain, Oral Wounds/Ulcers and many more..

Wound Management

Surgical Wounds or Traumatic Wounds

Musculoskeletal Injuries

Tendon and Ligament Injuries, including Cruciate Disease

Neurological Disease

Including Intervertebral Disc Disease,  Nerve Injuries and many more..

Class IV Laser Therapy - FAQs

How many sessions will my animal need?

We recommend an initial period of twice weekly treatments for the first three weeks. After this, we will reduce the sessions to weekly treatments for two weeks, then fornightly treatments. We aim to reduce to monthly treatments for long term management, but every animal is different and therefore treatment protocols will vary.

Will my pet feel anything?

No. The treatment is pain-free, non-invasive and safe. In fact, most pets enjoy their sessions and often settle very well!

Will my dog be clipped?

No, your pets hair does not need to be clipped.

Can I stay with my pet for their treatment ?

Yes, you are invited to sit with your pet during the treatment if you wish to.

For general FAQs, head to our FAQs page!

Including questions on bookings, insurance and veterinary consent.

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